Who is behind auRa LanguageSERVICE?

Although we are still a young company, auRa LanguageSERVICE can point to a well-founded know-how and has already gained excellent reputation as translation and interpreting service provider for a growing number of loyal clients. Originally founded in the middle of the nineties as Racheltsik Language Services in the Düsseldorf region, auRa LanguageSERVICE is a well established and owner-operated agency with a successful history. This is something we are proud of.
And it stands for an experience your clients can benefit from. auRa LanguageSERVICE not only represents a highly interactive team with many years of experience in the field of translating and interpreting. We also offer a comprehensive spectrum of services combining the superior language expertise with the strength of a modern service provider.

Our SERVICES are tailored to your requirements.