Fee, compensation, liquidation

To start with: our prices are performance-based and therefore fair. This means, your specific requirements determine the final price. Since individual circumstances differ greatly, we are not able to state general prices for our translations and interpretation services.

Generally speaking, we differentiate between two pricing models:

Translations are generally charged per line. One line consists of 50 to 55 characters including blanks. The price per line depends on the language combination as well as the difficulty of the material to be translated. It is obvious that a translation from English into German is available for a lower price than a comparable translation from the Japanese into the Chinese language.
  For certified translations of legal documents, we will provide you with an all inclusive fee. We apply a surcharge for especially urgent translations (from one hour onward).

Interpreter services are usually charged by the hour. In this field as well, the charges per hour depend on the field to be interpreted and the language combination. If you require an interpreter for several hours – for example to assist you during business negotiations – and are not able to determine the exact time needed, we can also agree on a flat fee on a daily basis. It is also possible to agree on a flat fee for half a day.

Feel free to ask us and we will provide you with a binding price tailored to your individual requirements